Specific work of cleanup, preparation and plantation of orchards and forest, such as:

  • Site cleanup

  • Removal of tree roots

  • Cleanup and improvement of waterlines

  • Removal/dismounting of rocks: resourcing to explosives, excavators, dumpers, etc…

  • Execution or improvement of pathways

  • Levelling: with motor grader or other

  • Ripping: until 1,70m of depth with the Bulldozer

  • Subsoiling

  • Ploughing

  • Distribution of soil improver: organic and mineral

  • Opening of draining ditches: passable or not

  • Buried drains: with perforated PAD pipe wrapped in gravel and geotextile

  • Bed Forming : own bed shaper

  • Plantation: mechanic or manual

  • Supply and application of stakes, protectors and lacing

All work executed with GPS

General agricultural work

  • Irrigation systems: project and implementation

  • Water Piping: big and small diameters

  • Support infrastructures: warehouse , technical houses

  • Earth moving

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